Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mini break in KK

I recently went to KK on business, but because my boss is very understanding we combined the business trip with a bit of R&R. Hence, we went there earlier with the intention of having a few days to ourselves. White water rafting and snokerling were high on the agenda, but unforseen events curtailed the plans.

Despite the slight hiccups (i.e. a detour to the A&E Dept of Queen Elizabeth Hospital on Sunday morning), i had a great time. The business meeting and field trips were a success. I had my doubts regarding some aspects of the trip, namely our trip to Pulau Gaya - which is rather notorious - but it was all in our mind. It was an eye opening trip - we get to see the schools in Pulau Gaya and its nearest surrounding settlement. We didn't venture out to the other settlement as our so-called tour guide believe that they cannot guarantee our safety if we go unaccompanied into those settlement. Scary huh?

Apart from that, most of my free time were spent in the pool. It was a pure bliss! Woke up, and heading straight to the pool....and after finishing whatever i was doing in the afternoon - be it our meeting or shopping trips - i always ended up in the pool till 7 or 8 in the evening. I really wish i didn't have to go home. and another highlight of the trip is our lunch at Krisha's ... a much awaited trip coz Krisha was closed when we went there the first time. It was worth the wait, and worth the trip ...hehehe and definitely will be among the top 3 in our priority list for the next trip.

It was a great mini break for me...and the good thing is that we (the boss, lina and i) will have to go to KK again very soon. Yipee .....and i bet this time, we will make time for a bit of snokerling!

This is where I spent most of my free time! Nice pool - and very quiet and peaceful ...

Sunset: View from the poolside

Pulau Gaya at the background. Only a boatride from KK jetty