Saturday, June 27, 2009

amateur photography

A photo taken by my sister ...ain't it creative??? I loike!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Brothers in arms

Now they know they are brothers - i think. Before this, they are so used to their own environments with Al in KL and Aai in Kuching. I think Al's is now getting used to having his brother around - but still hard to let Achik (supposed to be Aki) hold or play with Aai...emmm, am sure this will be ok in time ....

and, mama is so looking forward to having them both with mama in Kuching! And this pic is especially for mummy ..take care in Ridayh mummy!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

All Work and no play ....

I was too busy since May that I have not been updating this blog as regularly as I used to ...and get reminded by friends that my blog has been stagnant for a long time that if an Aedes mosqito lay eggs in the water, it would already became an adult mosquito instead of a larvae!

So, I guess, since too much have happenned workwise - i'll do it in this posting - secara sepintas lalu (i adopted Haslina's summary method - refer blog: journey with iris)

Module 2 PG Diploma

The highlight of this Module was ...jeng jeng jeng ...we ate a really delicious roti jala ...then found a dead cockaroach floating inside the gravy! And i was about to have a second serving .....put me off roti jala (for now!)

The exam was so tough - coz (1) i didnt read as i was in KL; (2) it is not an essay question - so hard to do; (3) a guy in the class left the exam hall just after 30 mins hehehehe, and i left 15 mins later ...never in my life i did this!

Module 3 PG Diploma
JUst start this week, but i got permission to miss the first two days as i have other workshop to attend ...and i have to do extra assignment to cover my absense :-(

today, we got another 3 assignments 4 assignments for me to do before 6th July ..but here i am doing a posting, instead of studying or doing my assignment ...and we got another 2-day of lectures and one exam to do before Module 3 is over ...can't wait!

Capacity Building Workshop
I attended this Capacity Building Worksho for Younf Scholars earlier this was nerve-racking coz i have to present a paper in front of the top guns in the field of social sciences. And I was the last presenter - so more pressure there. The paper was disected - and lots of comments from the top guns - i need to improve it but that's on hold for now ...i had to improve another papaer first - but this one was presented by Haslina - so, kudos to her for a really good presentation. will do a posting on this with lots of photos later

New students
they are coming ...and i am definitely going to be more busy! havent really done my slides yet ...looks like i will sacrifice my weekends (AGAIN)

Balik kampung trip - Gawai 2009

Earlier this month, the whole family went back to kampung for Gawai. We spent the first day of Gawai here, but went back to kampung on the second day. As usual we didn't stay overnight at the longhouse, we just stayed at our own "cottage" dad got the idea for this building structure after he visited me in England in 2002. After his retirement, he built this house ..and this is our kampung home - we are more comfortable here than at the longhouse - i guess...more privacy ....

The fourth day of Gawai, we went to Sri Aman - originally to change out voters' registration - but the counter was unmanned...then my trip to ASB office was also unfruitful (I HATE THE RED TAPE AT ASB!!!)...and went to visit my cousin, whom I havent seen in a long thing lead to another - and we ended up staying another night at kampung late to drive back to Kuching!

But it was a fun trip ...i got to relax a a bit of gardening ...visits friends and relatives and spent time with my family ....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy birthday Iris

Iris blew her first candle today ...her first birthday party ...4 days in advance than her actual birthday ....but a party all the same...but I miss all that. Simply because I am not socially presentable today ...i am having a really bad cough ...and i dont want to be a party pooper...batuk sana sini and steal Iris's thunder hehehehehe ....anyway ..happy birthday Iris ....hope mummy update her blog and/or facebook soon so that i can see your birthday pictures!

this was taken earlier this month - Iris and her parents visited us during Gawai....

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ketupat for Gawai - mum's signature dish!

My mum always make ketupat for special occasion - Gawai, Christmas, thanksgiving, birthdays and so on. It's her signature dish among the family members. Sometimes, my cousins would make a special request - ketupat - when they made arrangement to visit us!

Unlike in Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak's version of ketupat is ALWAYS ketupat pulut (glutinous ketupat). Yesterday, I helped mum making the casing - made from young coconut leaves. We made about 50 ketupat only ...

So, earlier today mum filled the casing with glutinous rice, and then cook the ketupat in coconut milk...till the all the milk had been absorbed.

Shen, then, transferred the ketupat into a big (MASSIVE!) frying pan - the purpose is to let the ketupat dry a bit - so that it can keep for longer (bearing in mind that it was cooked in coconut milk!). It'll be a bit crispy on the skin after this process...

The end product:

We always have this with mum's peanut sauce, chicken curry and/or dad's beef rendang ....

Looking forward for the huge feast tomorrow!!!