Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lessons I never learnt!

Everytime I went out with Lina, we always encountered something or someone really funny along the way. We would end up laughing or making fun of the situation - and when we started, we just couldn't stop ourself....the jokes would go on and on and on ...each one would come up with outrageous comments! And, without fail, we would be "punished" for our actions ...

Case #1: Lina, Wan and I were on the way to Pending (or was it somewhere else?) to get Bemen's results. ON the way, we saw a guy riding a motocycle - he looked funny - the way he rode the motocycle made him looked unbalanced (a bit loopsided!). Hence, a lot of comments were made, lots of laughters followed ...and the result was we missed the turning to our destination...hey, fair, we had to drive up to make a u-turn but little did we realised that we had a very long drive to get to the right turning. Moral of the story: don't make fun of people!

Case #2: Lina and I were on the way to Pizza Hut. On the way, we saw a collegue in front of us. Someone (i am not saying names here!) made a comment and, again, we burst into laughters and other stupid (but hillarious) comments followed. The result was, I missed the turning at the roundabout and ended up following our colleague who, by the way, was going at a completely different direction to ours! We ended up being late for lunch! Moral of the story: same as above!

Case #3: We sort of learnt these lessons (well, sort of!). On the way to a meeting earlier today, we saw a number of PALAPES students jogging round campus. Lina saw this guy (in a yellow shirt) who looked really worn out. She was tempted to say something but managed to refrain from doing so...i was about to comment on something as well but thought better of it's so happen that we both refrain from uttering a single comment coz we know we had to go to an important meeting and not wanting to jeopardize anything. We don't want to be late. Anyhow, we got a text from our donkey master to say that he left his pen drive at home - and our slide presentation was in there. Hence, Lina & I have to make a detour to his home while he try to delay the meeting, saying we are stuck in traffic! The result was: we were late for the meeting. Moral of the story: even though we didn't make nasty comments out loud, we are still being punished - to a certain extent!

But thank God the meeting went well - and we didn't have to "rescue" our boss!