Monday, October 19, 2009

Potty Training: Trials & Tribulations

My parents decided that Al is old enough to be potty trained. He turns two last July and we think it is about time that we potty train him. We did that - about 4 weeks ago. The first week was a trial - to all of us, and Al included. My poor baby was shocked (i think) coz he seemed terrified everytime he wanted to wee-wee or poo-poo. So, we had quite a few hits and misses ..and mum, dad and myself were on "high alerts" most of the time! After a few days, Al started to figure out what we wanted him to do ..he started to be more comfortable with this new arrangement ....

We expected to have these hits and misses for a few weeks ...but, much to our surprise, the second week went very well ...Al was able to let us know when he wanted to pee and so on ..he would actually waited till we were all ready with all the paraphernalia ...such a good boy! We had very few "misses" in Week 2, This occured mostly when he was taking his afternoon nap...

And last week (Week 3) we also saw a lot of improvements ...he is such a sweet boy, and very quick to grasp what we were trying to teach him ...and this really makes me proud! and his mummy, daddy, mama matun, achi and nenek are all so proud of him! By the way, he still wears disposable diapers at night time - we haven't got that far yet ...

Anyhow, this is the first time I actually involved in potty training ...and now I am sharing some tips (in case I have a reader who is interested :-))

(1) be ready for the hits and misses - especially the first week. A friend suggested we put our carpets away till he is fully trained.
(2) be patient - the kid may be confused with the situation as well, he may need extra time to adjust.
(3) don't scold the kid - i find that Al would cry if he actually "misses" the target, in a way he is ashamed- this was in Week 2 - it shows that he knew what he did was wrong -but he cannot help it. Being nice, and encouraging would help them to adjust....and i think scolding would make it worse for them
(4) praise - always praises him/her for the job well done. We did that ..Al seems happy everytime we told him "good job", "well done", "good boy" ....
(5) teach them to be hygienics - we taught Al to wash his hands and so on after peeing ...and use the sanitiser or wipes after washing his hands ...

I actually dreaded the prospect of having to potty train him, but since he is showing remarkable progress - I am happy that we did that. Now, we are waiting for the next step - to let go of the disposable diapers completely!

P/S there is no picture to accompany this entry ... for obvious reason. I don't want to embarrass my nephew ...

Jundeco Stickers Contest


I saw this contest at Mom Bloggers Planet and said to myself, I didn't know such interesting stickers existed! For me, when someone mentions stickers - I thought it is similar to the post-it note sticker! You'll know what I mean...

These Jundeco Stickers designs are different - it is in the form of self- adhesive stickers but with lots of wonderful designs. It is actually imported from Korea, but you can order/purchase it online. Just go to the Jundeco Stickers's site at Lots of exquisite designs. Really awesome stuffs and suitable for different types of room - can be used in living room, bedrooms, furnitures and even in the bat
hrooms! The designs cater for people with different deco ideas and personalities! and it is AFFORDABLE!!!! Price ranges from RM29 to RM89 for a design...

One of my favourite is this one SS58207 (Opaque) under the "tree series". Looks serene, doesn't it? I think it could definitely transform my plain bedroom walls into something more stunning, with a touch of elegance... And it is priced at only RM 49.00 ...

I also love the kids series many wonderful designs that I like that it is difficult to choose which is the best ..but my favourites are the PS58046 (Opaque) - priced at RM59.00 for a 50cm x 70cm wall sticker. This would be good for Airell's room ...he loves cartoons and things with bright colours! This one fits the descriptions ...

and I also love this one - PS58064 (also from the Kids Series), and priced at RM69.00 for a 50cm x 70cm sticker. Really nice - suitable for kids - and I am thinking that Alistair would love this one...he can identifies the animals ...and it would really brighten up his bedroom!

For those you are interested to join this contest, the dateline is 31st Oct 2009, there are still time to write your entry! More details are available at; as well as at the following blogs:

Jundeco Stickers –

Jundeco Stickers

and, of course, at MomBloggersPlanet –

By the way, just for info, I am also a subscriber to theMomBloggersPlanet Feedburner and Jundeco Stickers Feedburner...

So, what are you waiting for - check it out! Bet you'll be impressed with the designs of Jundeco Stickers!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Alistair's Artwork

Recently I bought a colouring book for Al. He seems fascinated when I am writing or marking my students’ papers …I know I should encourage him to write …or colour …hence, this Winnie the Pooh Colouring book and a box of colour pencils …

He loves it …loves colouring – his own way – when I am doing my work, he would sit by my sit and colour his book ..or when achi is doing his crossword puzzle he would look for his own book …but, like I said, he tend to do it his own way ….instead of colouring, he would put his palm on the page of the book, and follow the palm’s outline with pencils …just like how mummy taught him when they were in KL …or he would just scribble on the paper – he prefers the darker shades like red, black, dark blue ….maybe coz these are the more “fun” colours!

This photo above was taken when Al was still in KL ...picture was sent to me by mummy then ...

and these are now ...

Weekend is here!!!

Thank God it’s Friday … I need a rest! I am mentally and physically tired! It has been a busy week for me …had to attend meetings on Monday and Tuesday – that needs lots of reading and preparations! Then had classes on Weds and Thursday …as well as the Raya open houses ….and to end the week – I had a meeting this afternoon. Had to drive my still-not-repaired car all the way from Samarahan to Crookshank Road …am very unfamiliar with the way to get there but thankfully I made it …meeting finishes at 5pm and as expected the road was heavily congested ..i made a detoured to McD …to get my supply of chicken porridge and apple pies….as usual at the KIA outlet.

One thing that I hate most at Kuching Airport – inconsiderate drivers parking their cars at inconvenient spots….i saw this everytime I go there! They are already in the car park area …already got the ticket and will pay the same as others…why can’t they park properly at the proper parking spaces … instead of just anywhere that’s convenient to them …but causing a lot of inconveniences to other peoples – especially at peak hours. These parked cars reduce the two lane exits into one lane …arghhhhhh!!!

Airell's Antics

Airell is getting more and more mischievous of late …since his CBR session a few weeks ago, he has shown signs of progress …we all think that he is now trying to learn how to stand up …so, he may skip the sitting down part ….emmm, I was told it is quite common nowadays …and one of the contributing factors is that extensive use of a baby walker …I don’t mind that he skips the process, at least I know that he is healthy …and showing signs of progress …hooray for Airell!!! Hooray for mama as well!!!! And hooray for achi, nenek and abang Al!!!! hehehehe …..

Am sharing some of Airell’s photos …. Sometimes he is cheeky, sometimes passive and sometimes just plain grumpy – especially if he is hungry or abang al change the tv channels!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


My nephew really loves to play with water … he can spent ages there till all of his fingers are wrinkled! He loves to follow my dad when he is watering the plants, but as usual often take over the hose or the sprayers from my dad ….

Is it any wonder that my plants are dead??? This is what happens when I am not around – they would water the plants at about 5-6pm and I would be on way back from work …

My-Giveaway & My Dressing Barn CONTEST GIVEAWAY .

I always envy people when I read about them winning something - but what's the point of whining and being envious if I didn't even join the contest in the first place, right? So, this is the new me ... I read about the My-Giveaway and My Dressing Barn GIVEAWAY contest, and decided that I am giving it a try! So here's my entry folks ...

The lucky winner will get the lovely Victoria's Secret cosmetic pouch, worth RM59.90 like those shown in the above picture. Nice!!!

My Dressing Barn has all the fabs items - dresses, handbags, necklaces, tops, tees, tanks - you name it, it's all there ..and from fabulous designer names and brands - Victoria's Secret, Liz Claiborne, Guess, La Senza ...that's to name just a few...

My top 3 favourite items are:

No. 1: Liz Claiborne's Long Wallet this citrus coloured long wallet! It is also available in Green .. my other favourite colour. Priced at RM 139.90

No.2: la Senza's Grumpy but Georgous sleep mask...nice!!! Would love to use this during my frequent flights to KL and my hols!!! Available in pink and red (but I think both are already sold ...pity!)

No. 3: Maroon Tote Bag from Victoris's Secret. Really love this colour! It is priced at RM 139.90 but, again, it has the "SOLD" sign posted all over it! Much to my dismay ....

So, that was just a teaser ... My Dressing Barn has a lot more fabulous stuffs ...just browse through, and i am sure you'll agree with me!

Anyhow, details of this contest are available at Please note that the closing date of this contest is on 31st Oct 2009. There are a few steps that you need to do - please refer to the above link for details.

Good Luck!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Village life: Dad's fruits of labour

Dad came back from our village earlier today, and brought with him some mangoes…about 10 of them altogether …

He proudly announced that these are the first fruits of this particular tree – planted about 6 years ago – but on the not-so-fertile part of our orchard. It is actually at the back of our cottage. I didn’t notice that the tree was bearing fruits when I went there last month! Guess it showed how observant I was ….hehehe and this is the basket that dad uses when picking up fruits in the orchard (called “takin” in Iban) …I sometimes use the takin for picking up rambutans, langsat and dabai …

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

McDonald & I

Ever since Al lives with me, I find that my relationship with McDonald is getting stronger every week …hehehe not a person, mind you …but the franchise! I find myself going to McDonald every few days (but definitely at least one trip a week!) … just to get the chicken porridge for Al. This sweet nephew of mine is a fussy eater – and he only eats rice in the form of chicken porridge from McDonald …not any other porridge!!!!

And now, my mum and dad are addicted to McD’s apple pies, it would be my routine to get the chicken porridge and the two apple pies!

I am such a regular at McD at Kuching Airport that they would tell me in advance, before I even open my mouth to place an order, that the chicken porridge is out of stock! And being a super busy, instant mummy, I also take short cuts whereby I would get things for our dinner here as well – especially during payday. So I would end up having KFCs dinner plates or KFC buckets for our dinner as well

and Famous Amos cookies for our desserts …all under one roof at the Kuching International Airport O_o … coz this is the nearest outlets for all three franchises from my home …

This is a view of the terminal @ KIA at night time ..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bruce's visit to Kuching

Bruce, a friend of mine from Hong Kong, flew down for a flying visit this weekend. He brought along his wife, Meow, and after only a night in Kuching, they continued with their holiday – in Sabah. I haven’t seen Bruce for a very long time. The last time I saw him was in Dec 2004 … he did invite me to his wedding in HK and even offered to pay for my flight – it was one tempting offer that I had to decline. I was very busy at the time – with the Inhalant Study and the Border Study …as well as the peak of H1N1

We went for dinner at Buntal – at Teo’s Seafood Place. Naz drove us there's roughly 25 mins from Kuching centre. It was a nice dinner with great company.. we had fried sea bass in thai sauce, cuttlefish with dried chillies (supposed to be hot, but it was not hot at all), curry ambal (bamboo clam), midin (Sarawak’s local fern) and buttered prawns ….

the Midin - sauteed with garlics

fried sea bass in Thai sauce - really yummy!

and the cuttlefish ...

And after we had our dinner, we had durians and rambutans for afters. Teo’s Seafood does not provide the durians. Naz bought them on the way over, and the owner let us consumed the durians on the premises…coz Bruce won’t be able to bring it back to the hotel … I think nearly every hotel in Malaysia has strict “NO DURIAN” policy …Naz don’t want Bruce to be kicked out of the hotel …hehehe

Anyway, I had a great time catching up with them. Bruce is still the same Bruce whom I know a long time ago in Newcastle….and his wife is charming. They made a lovely couple! Hope to see them again soon – either in Malaysia or in HK.

Cendol Pulut

We were invited to Ain’s aidilfitri open house last Friday …in fact the whole office was invited to this annual event. I went with Ms. K, Ms. Tijot and Claudia … some of the pictures taken at Ain’s

And the cakes that would always grace the tables at any Sarawakian’s festive seasons (be it Aidilfitri, Gawai, Christmas and CNY!!!) – the famous Sarawak layered cakes (kek lapis Sarawak!!!). I used to bake these types of cakes before – especially when I was in school – but nowadays, I tend to order these cakes from someone else. It is delicious – but a bit tedious to make!

Anyway, on our back to the office, we stopped by the roadside to buy cendol pulut …despite the fact that we were quite full at the time! Ms. K did the honours and ordered for us ..

While we waited in the car ..and posed for photos!

and everyone have different tastes… I like mine without the sweetcorn! The cendol was yummy …will definitely go out and get it again soon

Friday, October 9, 2009

Girly Luncheon @ Oten

Last Thursday, I found two new colleagues sneaking into my class - hehehe - for reasons I won't mentioned here! Anyway, since my class was over for the day and that my next appointment with the student was at 12 noon yesterday, we went for lunch. The original plan was to try the food at Lemongrass but sadly, it was still closed when we went there - can you imagine a cafe/restaurant still yet to be opened at 11 o'clock in the morning - when will the customers get to eat??? Saw a lady still washing vegetables at the back of the kitchen! what about the early birds???

Anyway, that brought us to Oten. Had a great time - well, i had fried tempe, and that always make me happy hehehehe ...and catching up with each others' news.

And I was super duper hungry - so i had a bowl of bubur kacang hijau as well ....

and this is Ms. K's mee hailam - it is not like the mee hailam in KL, right?

and my iced longan

We were lucky yesterday ...apparently lady luck was shining on us ...we were so engrossed in our gossips and swapping stories that we were shocked to see familiar faces at the same place! Thank God we were finished by then... Note to self: next time, look around before you spill your gut and your gob! hahahaha ...that goes to Ms. K & Ms. Tijot as well ....