Sunday, October 31, 2010


Al's first lollypop (i think) ....he requested for one when we were queuing to pay for something at a supermarket ...he saw lollypops and asked me "mama, Al want ...please" hehehe, and me, being a sucker, got him one! Much to the disaproval of my mum ....

he didn't finish it actually ...i think it was wayyyyy too sweet ...and he asked dad to put it in the fridge for him ..but mum threw it away the next morning before Al woke up ...if only he knew LOL

and i have a confession to make ...i bought him another lollypop just now ...hehehehe ..this time it is strawberry- flavoured! Nenek doesn't know about it yet :-)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Driver and passenger ...a road trip to nowhere

This is what happenned when kids emulate what you are doing ...when i go to work one day, I saw Al and adik rushing towards the car said he wanted to work mama ....but to them, work means going out from the house ...even aki going grocery shopping is classified as working!

to stop them from following me, daddy put them inside mummy's kancil ...and they were so happy! the pictures say it all .....

the passenger ...very undemanding LOL ...and both are still in their pyjamas

love this expression! this was when i left them to go to my own car ...before they even had time to cry for me LOL ...tactics that worked most of the time ....

Monday, October 11, 2010

it has been a long time ...

The title says it all ...a very long time since this blog is updated .....i got friends asking whether I am ok hehehe guess, it means that i have some readers :-) thanks for asking all ....well,  i am back now ...

 (while waiting for his Pead at Pantai Hospital)

lots of stories to tell but dont know where to start :-) let's start with my nephews ...Adik is now 2 years old ...and getting really active ....Al turns 3 last July ...we had a scare a few month ago when nurses are concerned with his lack of speech ...when he was in KL, Jane took him to see his pead, who then referred him to a pead consultant in Kuching ...apparently he has delayed speech problem, and was not able to string sentences together ...but all the 3 doctors he saw said this is not associated with learning difficulties ...and had another follow up check in 6 months time, i am haapy to announce that he can string sentences together like ...Al want drink ...Al want some more ...or Al want shower ...His speech is improving :-)

sending Al and mummy to KL - this was at Kuching Airport - adik can walk now :-)

Lots of progress on the kids development ...will update soon!