Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Al's first school party

yeahhh my boy is growing up fast! He is in kindy and seems to be enjoying it ..his teacher says he is alright, a bright boy but sometimes very shy and refuses to talk in class ...that is an EXACT OPPOSITE from his behaviour at home ...always the noisy one!

a couple of month back, they had a small party at the kindy to celebrate Teacher's Day ...each students were asked to bring one dish for them to share ...i think we, the adults, were more excited about this than Al hahahaha ...but one thing was worrying us ...balloons! Al hates balloons and he is very scared of it ...he had a bad experience with balloons when he was at his mom's village watching a telematch involving balloons, Dom told the teacher about this, and apparently the teacher tested whether this is true...during recess a few days before the party, the teacher took out some balloons and Al just ran at the sight of it! So when I went to picked him up one day, the teacher said, there will be no balloons at the party ...the first time that balloons are not used in their party decoration :-) am sure the teacher will remember him forever!

the party boy ... he had his breakfast at home before going to school and an ipad to entertain him :-)

mummy adjusting his shirt and belt ..they were told that the attire for the party is party wear, no need to wear their uniform this boy said he wanted to wear his new belt :-)

this is what he brought to the party ... a combo of fish balls, chicken nuggets and sausages

when he came back, I asked him whether he liked the party, and he said yes...there were lots of singing he said ...and the teacher also said that Al loves singing ...

so, looking forward to see him grow up and enjoying school :-)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Favourite thai dessert: Mango with Glutanuous Rice

I was lucky enough to have found a thai stall selling the popular thai dessert of glutanious rice with mango ...super yummy ... my mum and I ate it all, and then I realised we did not even stop to take any picture hahahaha was like nothing else exist :-)

the photo above was taken during my last trip to Singapore with Liz ...we had the yummy pulut mangga dish as well ...and it was creamy just have to forget about the calories and fat to enjoy this slice of heaven :-)

and this was taken during my trip to Bangkok a couple of years back was finger licking good! and very cheap ...widely available as well .....I had this every night I was there ..hehehehe ....

Sadly, I cannot find this dish here in Kuching ...a friend once told me there was one cafe that offer this dish, but it was not in the menu anymore :-(

Is it easy to make? Anyone knows how to make this? Please share ....

I am back - with an update :-)

A longgggggggggg silence had hung over this blog of mine ...lack of motivation to tell what was happenning in my life - too much internal conflicts, problems at work, busy schedule and just downright low morale over things in the past 3 months ....hey, it was only 3 months but it seemed like a longgggg time to me!

Just an update ...

meet my neice - Danielle - my first neice! and I am an aunty thrice over :-)

my eldest nephew, Al, turned 5 a few weeks ago ..we had a small celebration whilst we were visiting my sister (he requested for that choc brownies as his birthday cake!)

and this little man will be 4 years old in September :-)

i keep reminding myself, life is unpredictable ...sometimes we were given things that were not in our wish list ..we can make the best of it or just keep on remembering things that we think we should have is time to move on ...I have made my decision and we'll see what the future brings for me :-)