Monday, December 1, 2008

Creating histories ....

I was so busy the past 2 weeks - marking the exam scripts...Come to think of it, I only had a day off before I started with my marking. A few weeks before that I was marking tonnes of assignments (and who says lecturer had an easy life! *sigh*)

The end of semester is always a stressful time for us at the faculty. We were issued datelines after datelines. datelines for submitting grades, the next dateline if you missed the first datelines and so on ...This semester, for the first time since joining the faculty, I had FAILED to submit my grades on time. I created history (yeah!)...they must be joking if they think i can submit on time considering i had 159 students for one class (each have to answer 3 essay questions - out of 5 questions) and another 45 students for my shared courses (which I only have to mark 44 scripts). You do the maths...compared to those who only have 50 students and only teaching one course, i am doing a lot of work...and even have to stay up late in order to catch the datelines. Not to mentioned losing my weekends, missing lunches and missing quality time with Airell. The most irritating thing is that we (the slow markers!) were reminded time and time again ...and that really irritates me!

Anyway, I am done now. Yesterday (Sunday) I was at the office keying in my marks. I found out that 22% of the students failed my paper. And this is again, a new record for me! And not only that, my shared course with Lina also showed a very high failure rate - nearly half of the students failed that paper. 44.5% is a very high numbers (and another new record!) Looks like I might be running for the "killer lecturer" award this semester ...*sigh sigh sigh*