Tuesday, February 22, 2011

impromtu poco poco

Found this when I was clearing my thumb drive....it has over 50 photos taken during my induction programme last  April ....didn't realize we took so many photos considering that we were on a very tight schedules ...with lectures, lectures and more lectures interspersed with morning exercise, evening jog and so on ...were secluded in Pusat Latihan Uni for a week without connection to the outside world ....phones were banned but i vividly recalled that i did curi curi texting Liz and Fendi during some of the lectures LOL ...

this was a short clip i took during our last night there ...we had a karaoke session, dinner etc ...but once the VIP left, we still remained there and sang our hearts out till 2-3 in the morning LOL ....crazy stuffs ...hehehe but i made a lot of new friends then ...and most importantly I passed the induction exam ..and that's it ...no more induction programme for me for the rest of my life!

Fast food days ....and fussy eater

Found this pic in one of my folders today ...cannot remembered when it was taken, but i think the photographer was Bemen ...

I just realised that the last few times I was out and about I did not take any photos ...hehehe hence, explaining my lack of photos in fast food joints recently! Since all of us (haslina, bemen and yours trully) are all free on Friday, we always make friday lunch time as our fast food day ....the choices are usually KFC, Pizza Hut, McD ...and sometimes we would opt for SCR, Old Town Coffee ....emmm am wondering what this Friday would be like? I am craving for McD LOL ....but then again, i also want Secret Recipe's chocolate brownies ...decisions decisions .....

even Alistair is hooked with fast food like me ...i know it is not good for kids ...but i took him there or should i say i introduce him to Old Town when he was very fussy about food ...Old Town is the one place where he woould happily munched on his toast and able to finish a couple of slices ....and he is also hooked with chicken porridge from McD ... that boy of mine is such a fussy eater - only eat rice porridge from McD or not eating at all ...so, me being the guardian at the time have to choose - not taking him to McD coz it's not good for kids (and he would go without solid food) or bring him in once or twice a week so that he would eat some porridge ..i choose the latter option ...but thank God he is now less fussy ..and able (and want) to eat home cooked meals like nugget, noodles, toast etc ...but he never eat rice ...the last time he ate some rice was a year and a half ago ...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

the many faces of Adik

in this digital age, i am sure devoted parents have easier time in capturing the images of their kids - to record their development ...unlike the pre-digital era, where camera and photo-taking are limited by finances (to buy the film, to develop and so on) ..nowadays, even mobile phone had that camera function - talk about the wonders of technologies ...

here's a photo entry - with the many faces of adik :-) courtesy of my brother's camera ...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Christmas 2010

I just realised that I had not done any of my Xmas posting ...talk about absent-mindedness!
anyway, we went back to dad's village on Xmas eve
had our bbq ...it's our normal routine
invited my cousins and a nephew to join us

waiting for the food - still on the bbq pit!

This year, unlike any other years, we had extra visitors
Jane's mom and neice came over as well
afterall, Xmas is about family ....
then more, the merrier
and my parents actually said that no many people would want to spent Xmas
away from their own home
we should feel honoured that they wanted to come ...

Al and Andrew ...with the must-have pose with their santa hats :-)

Adik and Kakak Mok (his cousin from Jane's side)

the food were plenty ...
the company were great
the kids were super happy
the adults were tired LOL ...

playing magic tricks!

that 2 days at the cottage was fun
lots of laughters ..
as well as temper tantrums and cries from the kids
by the time we were packing to go home
my parents are already making plans for Gawai
another family celebrations to look forward to ...

full of concentration ...

Fishing ...for kids

I got Al and adik a set of fishing rod, complete with 6 fishes each ...the one with magnet on its tip ...so, it was their favourite for a while, till Al went fishing with Daddy to a real fish pond!

he is excited if he caught something!

one thing about fishing is that it is testing your patience ...the same goes to this fake fishes ...I noticed that Al dont have the patience when his fishes dont get stuck to the magnets ...Adik is even worst, he tried a couple of time and when he failed to get any fish, he gave up and ask dad to do it for him! Perhaps, we can use these kinds of games and toys to teach the kids how to be patience and not giving up :-)

Al also took the fishes and the rod when he went for a shower ...so now, the bath time is getting longer!

Parenting tips: (i) do not let the kids playing alone in the bathroom ..never ever leave them unsupervised
and (ii) choose a toy or game that can teach them something ...that'll be more creative and fun ...kids have lots of imagination!

Friday, February 11, 2011

dad's shopping spree

My dad rarely buy stuffs ...he only buys things he really need ...or things associated with his hobbies (e.g. plants, seedlings, remote control cars and boats) ...he is not an impulsive shopper like my mom or me :-) But a few days before CNY, he told me that he wanted to buy dinnerware and cutleries for the house ... (we have been telling mom to get rid of the dinnerware which are not looking great anymore, but she was persistent - so, this is dad's way of telling her to get rid of the stuffs)

CNY decor - mum was walking very fast as she didn't want her pic to be in :-)

We went to tHe Spring ...and after a few rounds of looking around, he decided on what he wanted to buy ....a set for items for tea ...mugs, small plates, small bowls, sugar and milk set, and so on ....i thought that was that, until mom persuaded hime to get a microwave as well hahaha ...and to my surprise, dad said ok - we are getting one ....this is coming from a man who is always telling me to plan ahead and not to be impulsive when shopping ... we ended up with a lot of stuffs - too heavy to carry ...the cashier, who was very kind, with a ready smile - asked someone to send our stuffs to the car ....hehehe to see how the other half live and shop!

crispy noodles in tomato sauce

after shopping were done - we went a few more rounds after that to get the bedcovers, and other linens - it's time for the food adventure ....the queue was long (too many last minutes CNY shoppers) but i managed to get crispy noodles in tomato sauce ....the taste was ok ...i still think the one in Sri Aman is the best!

buying the brand name

Al and adik are so into Thomas and Friends now ...whenever they see anything related to Thomas and friends, they will be jumping ups and downs with joy ...i got them a few books on the series...and recently Jane also bought a couple of Thomas's books for them ...very well received!

 (one of the books - its RM 10 ++ each)

but recently on their trip to the malls with the parents, they discovered the plate and spoon with Thomas and Friends photo ...Jane indulged them ...so, we got two sets at home, one for Al and the other one for adik ...

showing off his new plate ...fresh from the mall hahahaha

but looking at the price, I am thinking we are paying more for the brand rather than for the item itself ...for example, a simple baby/kid plate and spoon set of other brand would costs less than RM10 but because of the popularity of Thomas and co, the spoon alone costs RM7 ...hahaha the plate is over RM15 ...if I am not mistaken ...but then again, parents are often falling into the trap of buying the brand as their kids are really hooked into stuffs like that ...heheheh ....but is it worth it? Depands on the individual ...like in our case, because Al is such a fussy eater, we are hoping that the spoon will encourage him to eat more ...hahaha and he did, he would enjoy his cereal or noodles using the Thomas bowl and spoon ...so, maybe that is not such a bad thing afterall ....