Friday, March 15, 2013

Shaista's Chicken Briyani

My flatmates and I had a grand time cooking the last few days ...we seldom see each other due to our busy schedules ..i am not a morning person, so I always wake up later than my flatmates ...and they are usually gone by the time I am up ...and I often stayed back at the office till 6 or 7 and usually my habit is to heat up leftovers for dinner - if there is any ...or cook up some quick and simple dish for dinner ..hence, i was always not in the kitchen for a long time ....Shaista and Pupei always cook dinner and I seldom cook at the same time as them ...Maryam, on the other hand, is always busy and comes back to the flat late at night - where she usually had her dinner at school ....

but last few days were different ...i think because of the cold weather, most of us came back early and want to have some nice hot meals ....and somehow decided to cook briyani together ...or rather, Shaista cooked the chicken ...Maryam cook the rice while I did the cuttings of vege for salads etc ...the result was outstanding :-) and i said that sincerely from the bottom of my heart .....

Apart from the main dish of chicken briyani, she also made raita and onion salad was like a full set of meal ....worth a repeat :-) and I am volunteering to help cut the vegetables ...or washing up afterwards

the onion and cucumber salad ...all sliced thinly by yours truly :-)

potato raita ..with chickpeas

Shaista assured us that this is a complete Pakistani meal ...and you know what, that was really delicious ...worth a repeat


fendifid said...

Very nice. Once a while is ok. Too frequent will result u hvv to do more shopping baju and

Mama Haraz said...


I'm about to continue my PhD at Victoria as well,hopefully in July 2013. I'm from KL, I have many many questions and have no contacts in Welly, Do you think you can help me with some questions? :)

Thank you!


Liz Duan said...

Ejin...sedap nya salad tu///